Mary and Sonora Creek’s Achievements

USDF Bronze Medal
2006 Qualified Rider USDF Training Level
2007 Qualified Rider USDF Training level
2008 Qualified Rider USDF First Level
2008  Good Horseman Foundation over 70’ s  score award
2012  USDF Masters Award for Achievement at F E I Level

2008 All  Breeds Vintage award 4th  in Nation USDF Training level
2009 All Breeds Vintage award 4th in Nation USDF 1st level
2008 Lionheart award at Good Horseman Foundation for high scoring KWPN Mare

2006 Qualifying  USDF J/Y rider training level 6th in Regional championships
2007 Qualifying  USDF JR/Y rider First Level at Regional Championships
2008  Qualifying  USDF JR/Y rider Training level at Regional Championships
2009 USDF  JR/Y rider Bronze Medal earned
2010 Qualifying USDF JR/Y  rider training level Regional Championships
2010  GDCTA year end award training level 5th place
2012 Qualifying USDF AA rider 1st level Regional Championships 8th place
2012  Qualifying USDF Jr/YR  1st level Regional Championships
2014 Qualifying USDF AA RIDER Training level Regional Championships
2014 Qualifying USDF JR /YR second level, Regional Championships,3rd Place

ParaEquestrian Coaching
1998 JR Young rider Championships
1997 JR/Young Rider Championships
1998 Festival of Champions
1998 JR/Young Rider Championships

Huntseat Equitation
2004 IEA Nationals
2005 IEA Nationals
2006 IEA Nationals
2007 IEA Nationals
2008 and 2009 Qualified rider Nationals


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